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Cod.artículo: JBLPBJRX118SP

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The JRX118SP is an 18 inch directradiating powered subwoofer. A built-in 500 watt (peak)
amplifier accepts stereo or mono line level inputs via balanced, XLR connectors as well as
single channel speaker level input via a 1/4 inch phone jack. Integral signal processing includes
a stereo crossover and limiting for the internal amplifier. A pair of XLR output connectors may be
used to pass the input signals to another system or to send a high-passed, line-level stereo signal
to a pair of powered, full-range speakers.

The JRX118SP is designed to supplement and extend the low frequency performance of full-range
systems in live sound and music playback applications. It is an excellent choice for use with
powered full-range speakers or in systems using powered mixers.

  • The rugged enclosure is constructed from 19 mm (3/4 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) 
using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for durability and improved
low frequency performance.
The enclosure is covered in black carpet.
  • Heavy duty, all steel handles are used.
  • A top mounted, cast aluminum 35 mm pole mount receptacle can receive an optional
SS3BK pole to facilitate use of the JRX118SP as a base for a mid-high speaker cabinet.
  • Built-in 500 watt (peak), 300 watt (continuous) amplifier. Controls, connectors, and
indicators are clearly labeled with large, highcontrast graphics for easy operation in poorly
lit environments.
  • Integral, preset limiter prevents clipping distortion. An LED illuminates to indicate that
limiting is taking place.
  • Line-level stereo inputs are summed before being sent to the subwoofer’s internal
amplifier. This feature allows the JRX118SP to operate in stereo systems using a single
  • An integral crossover also provides balanced, line-level, stereo, highpassed outputs
to feed powered satellite speakers or an external amplifier for passive satellites.
  • A speaker-level, 1/4" TS phone jack is provided. This input is useful in applications,
such as those employing powered mixers, in which it is more practical to bring a full-range,
speaker-level signal to the subwoofer amplifier.
  • System Type: Powered, 18" compact subwoofer
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB):1 38 Hz - 300 Hz
  • Frequency Response (±3 dB):1 55 Hz - 300 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4
  • Rated Maximum SPL2: 123 dB peak, @1 m (3.3 ft) at 500 watts
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 605 mm x 508 mm x 592 mm (23.8 in x 20.0 in x 23.3 in)
  • Net Weight: 40.4 kg (89 lb) including casters
  • Shipping Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
  • LF Driver: 2043-G
  • Amplifier Power:
    Continuous: 300 watts with < 0.2% THD
    Peak: 500 watts
  • Input Connectors:
    2 x XLR/F, balanced, line level
    1 x 1/4" phone jack, speaker level
  • Input Impedance: Nominally 20k Ohms, electronically balanced
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.5 Vrms for 300 watt output (SUB LEVEL control fully clock-wise)
  • Maximum Input Level: INPUTS A & B: +4 dBu (nominal), +22 dBu (max.),
one channel driven
  • Output Connectors: 2 x XLR/M
  • Crossover: LPF: 100 Hz, 24 dB / Oct
  • Infrasonic filter: 25 Hz, 18 dB / Oct
  • Required AC Mains: 50/60 Hz (North American units are 60 Hz only); 120 and
230-240 VAC (±10%) units are available
  • AC Line Current:
    120 volts: 1.4 A at ? power with sine-wave input, 3.6 A at max. power with
  • pink noise input
    230-240 volts: 0.7 A at ? power with sine-wave input, 1.8 A at max. power
  • with pink noise input
  • Power Consumption at Idle: No more than 20 watts
Autor: hector
Fecha añadida: 13/05/2007, 10:01 AM


muy bueno en salones de fiesta en conjunto con la eon G2 suena muy bien tengo un par y las recomiendo 200%
Autor: cristhian
Fecha añadida: 25/02/2007, 12:47 PM


le falta mas profundidad pa la calidad del equipo pero son buenos de todas maneras.

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